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2SD001685347 Combination Rear Light1 HELLA HAMBURGER LAMP LED STOP-TAIL-INDIC.

Technical Informat:
Regarding flasher lights with LEDs with passive electronics

In connection with these low powers, which differ significan
tly from those of a bulb-based version, problems arise with
the indicator
failure check during operation on various traction vehicles.
The indicator failure check required by legislation in the a
rea of validity of the ECE R48 regulation must be guaranteed
by suitable
measures within the vehicle. The customer is responsible for
In addition, further lighting functions are detected by some
traction vehicles.
This is a vehicle comfort function which is not required by
legislation and does not release drivers from their obligati
on to see for
themselves that the lighting equipment is working.
Here, too, faulty diagnosis can occur on account of the low
power levels involved (instrument panel in the driver cab in
dicates light
failure although the function is working).
Operation of the light with AC voltage or synchronised DC vo
ltage is not permitted.
The individual light functions may only be operated with a v
ehicle fuse of max. 3A.
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